Thursday, February 3, 2011

2-3-2011 Provincial French Restaurant=Exquisite

After slaving in the kitchen for 4 nights in a row this week, I decided we should go out. Hubby decided on a Provencal French restaurant minutes from our house. What a great choice that was.
My parents and the owner of this restaurant are neighbors, and we have been going there for years.
 From the minute you are seated, they bring you warm fresh French bread, butter, and olive oil with a tapenade inside. This very well may be my favorite part of the whole meal. I could drink the olive tapenade. sidenote: I did drink it once while I was pregnant.
I got a salad, really can't go wrong there whether it be house, caesar, mediteranean or caprese, they are all good. The house salad has a dijon dressing that will make you want to lick the plate. I have tried many times to replicate this dressing at home, and have never been succesful.
Also, getting an order of the pommes frites (french fries) are a must! The french fries were as if we were in Paris eating them, sooooo yummy.
Now usually I would end the night with a fluffy raspberry souffle, my other die hard favorite at this restaurant. But, we had the kids with us, and they were more than ready to leave at that point.
As you can see I was extremely satisfied tonight. I am paying for it at this very moment because of the heartburn I am experiencing from overeating.
Cannot wait to go back there hopefully very soon. Pin It

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