Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2-8-2011 Healthy Lunch, Ok Dinner

About once a week I go to Whole Foods to first shop and then eat lunch. Eating lunch there is great, I love how eating there feels so healthy, even the pizza (please don't tell me otherwise)! I recently have discovered WF's amazingly delicious quinoa salads at the salad bar. They have 3 different types of quinoa salads on hand at all times. Today, I grabbed a cardboard container and started filling it with all 3 quinoas, then I added cabbage salad, and lastly a crazy concoction called Detox Salad. When it was all said and done, I had a box full of nutrition for my lunch, plus a slice of vegetable pizza. I was in ecstasy eating the healthiest and most delicious lunch.
Dinner tonight I made the classic combo of beef stew and cornbread. The beef stew was just whatever (I am a harsh critic). The cornbread was in the form of muffins and they were good, especially when slathered in honey and butter (margarine).  The kids had fun creating a huge mess with the ever so crumbly cornbread, and the dog had fun helping to clean that mess up. All this talking about food is making me hungry, I'm gonna go now so I can get a late night snack. Pin It

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  1. Please save some Quinoa for the Schwartzes - - we love it.