Friday, April 29, 2011

4-28-2011 End of Pesach Eating

I haven't blogged or cooked in a week, whoa! The reason for that is because we went on a vacation to visit King Hock's Aunt B in Florida, and made a little trip to Disney World.

As you can imagine I am still pretty tired from our travels. I always need a vacation after my vacations.

We first arrived in Miami, and went straight to a restaurant that was kosher for Passover. What a treat, after slaving in the kitchen every single meal for 5 days. We ate an assortment of dishes including, Israeli salad, baba ghanoush, mixed meat fajitas, chicken schnitzel, french fries, and roasted potatoes. Here are some pictures:
Next, we arrived at Aunt B's house. I was excited to find out she had made a lot of the Passover recipes off my blog, a huge compliment.  Some of the recipes turned out even better than when I made them. She made chocolate chip meringues, chocolate matzah toffee, flourless chocolate cake (was out of this world!), and sun dried tomato basil chicken.
One morning for breakfast we had matzah with lox and cream cheese on it, which was awesome.
So happy Passover is over. King Hock said he didn't think it was too bad this year. I must disagree, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able to eat normal again. I am still relishing every bready morsel I put in mouth.
I'm looking forward to having challah tomorrow night.
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