Friday, June 22, 2012

Shabbat Shalom

What a week.

Prince Hock #1 had a special late night at camp, where he stayed until 7, can't believe he made it, he was a little tired. Also, he has a new obsession with tank tops, not sure what I think about boys wearing tank tops.

Prince Hock #2 watched the same 2 Backyardigans episodes at least 20 times. "What do you do with scurvy pirate, make him walk the plank!" "Can't stop, can't stop the cops." These songs are stuck in my head like a broken record.

Prince Hock #3 slept from 8-4, you go baby!

My housekeeper has been bringing her 9 year old daughter to work with her. She is scared of our dog, Charlie, yet she loves to play with him. She devised a special toy that she brought from home, which consisted of a stuffed animal tied to a stick with a jumprope. She holds the stick and swings the stuffed animal to play with him, and it's just perfect because she doesn't have to get too close.  Hilarious.

King Hock gave me my birthday present, a Bosch mixer, I've been wanting it for 6 years now. Finally!
The Rebbetzin gave me a lesson today on how to make Challah with the mixer. I was going to wait until next Friday to Christen it (that sounds wrong), but I couldn't stand it. Best. Challah. Ever!

Have a Shabbat Shalom!

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